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SII Scholarship - Study in India Scholarship for International students

What is SII Scholarship
SII Scholarship is the short form of the Study in India Scholarship. Study in India, in association with the Ministry of Human Resource Development - MHRD and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry awards scholarships to international students for pursuing various undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Indian Higher Education Institutions. For the academic year 2020-21, SII has been awarded almost 2000 scholarships to international students across the globe. 

Scope of SII Scholarship 
Under the Study in India (SII) Scholarship Scheme, the government of India fund USD$ 3,500 per year to the Institution for every accepted candidate. Many institutions provide fully funded scholarships to the accepted candidates including tuition fees, accommodation, and mess costs from the allotted government fund. That means, only selected candidates can complete their undergraduate or postgraduate degree in India without paying tuition fees, hostel, and mess costs. The student has to bear only personal costs. 

Limitation of SII Scholarship
Although you are selected for the SII Scholarship; your application may fall under the partial scholarship. Because you have selected an institution where academic cost is higher than the allowed fund by the government. In such a case, an applicant will get a partial scholarship. However, it will reduce the total cost. For example, an applicant applied for SII Scholarship but chose an institution where the academic cost is USD$ 6000 per year. He/She got the SII Scholarship. Even, after getting the SII Scholarship he/she has to pay USD$ 2500 to the university per year as his tuition fee. Because. the tuition fee of that university is USD$ 2500 higher than the government-allowed scholarship. 

So, before applying for the SII Scholarship, it is wise to consult with SII Scholarship Authority.

Courses under SII Scholarship 

  • 5 years for undergraduate integrated courses;
  • 3 to 4 years for undergraduate courses, according to the course duration;
  • 2 years for postgraduate courses;
  • or, till the completion of this course, whichever is lesser.

Note for SII Scholarship Applicants

  • Each scholarship is valued at USD$ 3500 per student per year.
  • Each scholarship under the SII scheme will only cover tuition, accommodation, food, and admission fees. No other expense listed outside this set will be provided for by this scholarship.
  • If the total fees of the course for each year, which includes tuition, accommodation, food, and admission, is lesser than the proposed value of USD$ 3500, the lesser amount will be given as a scholarship.
  • All scholarships are electronically transferred to the institutes.
  • The scholarship amount will be transferred to the institute after verification of the student’s attendance for the first month has been forwarded to the SII authority. 
  • All scholarships are renewable on a year-on-year basis until the day of Graduation.
  • The government of India and the Study in India authority reserves all right to review the SII Scholarship policy each year. 

Duration of the SII Scholarship 
SII Scholarships are granted for the complete course duration or whatever the Study in India authority decides. However, the student needs to renew the scholarship status for the next academic year, before the scholarship lapses for the current academic year. 

How to apply for SII Scholarship

  • Create an account at 
  • Remember the user ID and Password 
  • Login to the panel and apply for the scholarship
  • Upload the required documents prescribed in the application portal   

PRAGATII Examination 
Ind-SAT stands for Indian Scholastic Assessment Test. Ind-SAT has been converted to the PRAGATII examination. PRAGATII is a standardized online proctored test for students seeking scholarships with Study in India (SII).  The PRAGATII score is one of the important criteria to shortlist meritorious students for the allocation of scholarships. It is a multiple-choice objective paper, timed at 90 minutes with 90 questions and 90 marks. Applicants will be assessed in the given areas - Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning. 

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