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Chandigarh University Admission and Scholarship 2024

Chandigarh University Admission and Scholarship 2024

Chandigarh University, one of the best universities in North India, accepts admission applications from international students including Bangladesh with a maximum of 50% merit-based scholarship facility. Applications can be made for Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels in various courses including Engineering, Management, Commerce, Computing, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Pharmaceutical Science, Applied Health Science, Basic Science, Legal Studies, Architecture, Animation and Visual Arts, Design, Liberal Arts.

Chandigarh University admission and scholarship 2024 has been unveiled for international students. The university ranks among the top of the Indian universities in the QS World University Ranking 2024. To study in India, particularly at Chandigarh University, international students including Bangladesh may apply for up to 50% of scholarships. 

World Ranking of Chandigarh University 
QS World University Ranking Overall #771-780 by QS
Hospitality and Leisure Management Ranking #101-150 by QS
Computer Science and Information Systems Ranking #301-350 by QS
Engineering and Technology Ranking #342 by QS
Business and Management Studies Ranking #401-450 by QS

Courses at Chandigarh University, India

Bachelor of Engineering Courses (4-years)
B E Computer Science & Engineering
B E CSE Graphics and Gaming
B E CSE in Full Stack Development
B E CSE Blockchain Technology
B E CSE DevOps
B E Information Technology Engineering
B E Electronics and Communication Engineering
B E Electrical Engineering
B E Civil Engineering
B E Mechanical Engineering
B E Aerospace Engineering
B E  Automobile Engineering
B E Mechatronics Engineering
B E Chemical Engineering
B E BioTechnology Engineering
B E Food Technology
B E Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Engineering
B E Robotics and Automation Engineering
BE Industrial Internet of Things Engineering
B E CSE - Cloud Computing 
B E CSE - Information Security
B E CSE - Big Data Analytics 
B E Computer Science and Business Systems - TCS
B E CSE - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Management Undergraduate Courses (4-years)*
BBA - General
BBA - Advertising and Marketing
BBA - Banking & Finance
BBA - Insurance & Risk Management
BBA - Tourism & Event Management
BBA - Forex Management
BBA - Healthcare Management
BBA - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BBA - FinTech
BBA - Business Analytics
BBA - Digital Marketing

Commerce Undergraduate Courses (4-years)*
B Com (Hons) - General 
B Com (Hons) - Auditing and Taxation 
B Com (Hons) - E Comerce 
B Com (Hons) - Advanced Cost & Management Accounting 
B Com (Hons) - in Association with ACCA 
BA Economics 

Computing Undergraduate Courses (4 Years)*
BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications
BCA - Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
BCA - UI/UX Design
BCA -  Data Science
BSc - Computer Science

Tourism and Hospitality Management Undergraduate Courses (4-years)*
BSc - Hotel & Hospitality Management (Restaurant & Catering Management)
BSc - Hotel & Hospitality Management (Resort & Event Management)
BSc - Airlines & Airport Management
BSc - Travel & Tourism Management 
BSc Culinary Sciences

Pharmaceutical Science Undergraduate Courses
B Pharm - Bachelor of Pharmacy (4-years) 
Pharm D - Doctor of Pharmacy (6-years)
Pharm D (PB) - Post Baccalaureate (3-years)

Applied Health Sciences Undergraduate Courses 
BPT - Bachelor of Physiotherapy (4.5 years)
B Optom - Bachelor of Optometry (4 years)
BMLT - Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology (4 years)*
BSc - Nutrition & Dietetics (4 years)*
BSc - Forensic Science (4 years)*

Basic Sciences Undergraduate Courses (4 years)* 
BSc - Medical
BSc - Microbiology
BSc - Chemistry (Hons)
BSc - Physics (Hons)
BSc - Computer Science, Statistics & Maths
BSc - Biotechnology

Legal Studies Undergraduate Courses 
BBA + LLB - Integrated (5-years)
BCom +  LLB Integrated (5-years)
BA + LLB Integrated (5-years)
LLB - Bachelor of Legislative Law (3 years) After Graduation 

Architecture Undergraduate Course 
B Arch - Bachelor of Architecture (5 years)

Media Studies Undergraduate Course 
BA Journalism & Mass Communication (4 years)* 

Animation and Visual Arts Undergraduate Course 
BSc - Animation, VFX, and Gaming (4 years)*

Design Undergraduate Courses 
BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts (4 years) 
B Design - Fashion (4 years) * 
BSc - Fashion & Design (4 years)* 
B Design - Interior (4 years)* 
BSc - Interior Design (4 years)
B Design - Industrial (4 years) 

Liberal Arts Undergraduate Courses (4 years) 
BA - Liberal Arts (Hons)
BA - Psychology (Hons) 

Master of Engineering Postgraduate Courses 
M E - Computer Science & Engineering 
M E - Electronics & Communication Engineering 
M E - Electrical Engineering 
M E - Mechanical Engineering 
M E - Automobile Engineering 
M E - Robotics & Automation Engineering 
M E - CSE Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 
M E - CSE Artificial Intelligence 
M E - CSE Cloud Computing 
M E - Electrical Vehicles 
M E - Transportation Engineering 
M E - Structural Engineering 
M E - Construction Technology & Management 
M E - Environment Engineering 

Management Postgraduate Programs (2 years)
MBA - Master of Business Administration 
MBA - Human Resource Management 
MBA - Finance
MBA - Marketing 
MBA - International Business
MBA - Entrepreneurship
MBA - Strategic HR
MBA - Business Analytics with IBM
MBA - Banking and Financial Engineering with SBI and Tally
MBA - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MBA - Digital Marketing
MBA - Tourism & Hospitality Management
MBA - Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
MBA - Healthcare & Life Sciences
MBA - Applied Finance with PwC
MBA - FinTech
MBA - Tourism & Hospitality Management

Commerce Postgraduate Courses 
M Com (Hons)
M Com - ACCA 
MA - Economics 

Architecture Postgraduate Course
M Arch - Masters of Architecture 

Computing Postgraduate Courses 
MCA - Master of Computer Applications
MCA - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
MCA - Cloud Computing and DevOps

Pharmaceutical Sciences Postgraduate Courses 
M Pharm - Pharmaceutics 
M Pharm - Pharmacology 
M Pharm - Industrial Pharmacy 
M Pharm - Pharmaceutical Chemistry 

Applied Health Sciences Postgraduate Courses 
MPT - Master of Physiotherapy Specialization in Ortho/Sports 
M Optom - Masters of Optometry 
MSc - Nutrition & Dietetics
MSc - Medical Lab Technology (Clinical Microbiology) 
MSc - Medical Lab Technology (Clinical Biochemistry)
MSc - Forensic Science 

Basic Sciences Postgraduate Courses 
MSc - Chemistry 
MSc - Physics
MSc - Botany 
MSc - Zoology 
MSc - Data Science 
MSc - Industrial Chemistry 
MSc - Industrial Microbiology 
MSc - Biotechnology 
MSc - Mathematics 

Legal Studies Postgraduate Course 
LLM - Master of Laws (1 year) 

Media Studies Postgraduate Courses 
MA - Journalism and Mass Communication

Animation and Visual Arts Postgraduate Course
MSc - Animation & Multimedia Technology

Liberal Arts Postgraduate Courses
MA - English 
MA - Psychology
MA - Clinical Psychology

Scholarships at Chandigarh University
Chandigarh University has up to 50% merit-based scholarships for international students. Applicants considered for admission can get 25% to 50% scholarship. This opportunity is open for the 2024-25 academic year.

25% Scholarship: Candidates who have up to 64.99% marks in qualifying exams are eligible for a 25% Scholarship. 

35% Scholarship: Candidates who have 65% to 74.99% marks in qualifying exams are eligible for a 35% Scholarship.   

50% Scholarship: Candidates who have 75% and above marks in qualifying exams are eligible for a 50% Scholarship.   

Admission to Chandigarh University from Bangladesh
Applicants from Bangladesh who are interested in studying at Chandigarh University can get all kinds of information and assistance from the GEE Bangladesh office. Applicants can visit the GEE Bangladesh office along with all the documents to complete the admission. If it is not possible to come to the GEE Bangladesh office for any reason, you can confirm the admission by contacting the office through email or WhatsApp. 

GEE Bangladesh, 238/1 Outer Circular Road, 3rd Floor, Mouchak Market Circle, Malibagh, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh. Call or Whats App: +88 01326239779, +88 01719497530, +88 01972571098, Email: 

Admission to Chandigarh University from other countries 
Applicants from Bangladesh and other countries may register online by filling up the Google inquiry form.  Once registration is done, candidates are advised to email all academic documents, a copy of their passport, and a recent color photograph.  After the assessment and verification of the documents, only the students considered for admission will get the admission letter from the university.

Google Registration Form: 

Email your documents to: 

For further information, please visit the university website  


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